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Why Bulundum?
Increased satisfaction and loyalty with unmatched service
  • Your customers expect to receive timely, relevant and quality service from you for their lost items in your business. By digitizing your lost property processes with Bulundum, you provide convenience beyond their expectations to your customers with just a few clicks.
  • You can easily turn an unwanted experience of your customers into a positive experience with the technological solution of Bulundum, show how much you care for them and stand by them in this stressful process and create an unshakable commitment.
Reduced costs and increased productivity
  • Lost property management is laborious and costly for businesses. Lost property services, from personnel expenses to storage, are cost centers.
  • User-friendly Bulundum enables you to provide fast and effective service with just a few clicks by facilitating lost property management. Your operational costs are reduced by up to 80 percent without additional workload.
Increased operational success
  • With Bulundum, you increase your delivery rates more than five times and improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs.
  • With the measurability and reporting capabilities offered by Bulundum, you can manage your lost property operation based on data and increase performance significantly.
Social responsibility and benefits
  • With Bulundum, you create social responsibility gains by donating undelivered items to charities you prefer.
  • With Bulundum, you create social benefit that contributes to the reduction of economic waste by bringing more lost property to its owner.
How does Bulundum provide these benefits to you?
ACCESS ANYWHERE With Bulundum, property owners can report items they have lost in your business from anywhere and anytime with a form. The number of phone and email applications decreases and operational efficiency and success increases.
END-TO-END INTEGRATED SYSTEM You manage the items' registration, matching with lost item notifications, communication with their owners, warehouse management, delivery, reporting and follow-up processes and more from a single screen with just a few clicks. With the integrated system, you save time and increase your delivery success and satisfaction.
AUTOMATION With our automation solutions from recording to storage and delivery, you can use existing resources more efficiently, reduce errors, and achieve an improvement of up to 80 percent in your operational costs.
SMART AUTOMATCHING The property records and lost property notifications in your business automatically match with the smart algorithms of Bulundum.
INTEGRATED MESSAGING SYSTEM New lost property notifications reach the relevant personnel instantly, the approval process is completed quickly, and property owners get fast and accurate information about the status of their lost items.
DELIVERY TO ADDRESS Items are shipped to their owners' addresses with a single click. Bulundum manages the entire shipping process.
Other Features
Simple setup
Quick and multiple item recordings
Automatic matching of lost item notifications and found item records
End-to-end integrated process with shipment and delivery
Communication through a single interface
Management reports
Flexible use with features suitable for businesses
International access with multi-language service
7/24 Support
Register your company
Items of up to 1,000
3 users
Embeddable lost item form integration
Integrated messaging system
Shipment integration
Item image uploads
₺3,500 /month +VAT
billed monthly
Register your company
Unlimited item registration
Unlimited number of users
Embeddable lost item form integration
Integrated messaging system
Shipment integration
Item image uploads
Smart automatching
Image recognition
Quick multi-item registration
White labeling
Storage management
Solutions specific to your company
... and many more
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